Painful Sports Video: Soccer Player Banned for Life After Flying Kick Levels Opponent

Video still: soccer match flying kick leads to life time banIt started like most of these things do: in the middle of a match, a soccer player pushes an opponent a little bit going for the ball, and that guy falls to the ground as if he was hit over the head with a baseball bat and everyone jumps in as if they’ve NEVER seen this happen in a soccer game. Pushing  in soccer? How dare he! Can’t you see my friend has been injured beyond repair?

Tempers flair, people start pushing each other, and then before you know it some guy named Armand comes flying in from the sidelines (enter screen right) to deliver a flying kick to the upper back of one of his opponents.

Result: Armand is banned FOR LIFE from the soccer league in whatever country he currently lives in. For life . . . or longer, maybe, the officials in this league are petty pissed off. It’s possible that Armand’s grandchildren will still be unable to play organized soccer thirty years from now.

Watch and learn.