Painful Sports Video: Attorney Demonstrates Anal Sex Gesture During Press Conference Against Braves Pitching Coach Roger McDowell

Gloria Allred demonstrates anal sex using a baseball bat at press conference
A proud moment for both Major League Baseball and the American legal system

What’s stranger than a Major League Baseball coach getting into it with opposing fans, generic viagra rx using gay slurs and then using a baseball bat to demonstrate just how anal sex works? Watching spotlight hogging attorney Gloria Allred and plaintiff Justin Quinn, generic cialis nurse 33 (a Giants fan) working together to demonstrate that same gesture using a bat.

Video of that strange press conference (including Quinn’s two little girls who look like junior lawyers-in-training seated next to Allred) below, but first some details from the LA Times:

McDowell is accused of asking three Giants fans in the stands, “Are you a homo couple or a threesome?” He is accused of using two fingers and the small end of a baseball bat to simulate sexual intercourse, among other lewd comments and gestures, including thrusting his hips back and forth in a sexual manner.

Famed attorney Gloria Allred joined Giants fan Justin Quinn, his wife and two daughters at a press conference Wednesday. They called for McDowell and the team to be fined, for both to apologize and for the coach to attend sensitivity training.

According to Allred, Quinn and his family were in the bleachers during batting practice when they observed the alleged incident. She said Quinn responded by yelling to McDowell: “Hey, there are kids out here.”

Allred said McDowell called back: “Kids don’t [expletive] belong at the baseball park.” She said McDowell picked up a bat and walked toward Quinn in a threatening manner, asking: “How much are your teeth worth?”

The Braves said in a statement that they were concerned by the allegations and behavior described by Quinn.