Duke Lacrosse Accusor, Crystal Mangum, Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Boyfriend

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April 4, 2011

Remember the whole Duke Lacrosse Scandal back in 2006 when that stripper claimed some boys from the team raped her, the DA got involved, professors demanded the boys be kicked out of school, and then it turned out to be a complete lie? Well, it looks like the exotic dancer involved in that incident, Crystal Mangum, is in trouble with the law again, but this time she’s the one getting…


New Preakness Mascot is “Kegasus” a Drunken Half Man/Half Horse Centaur

Preakness spokesman Kegasus
April 3, 2011

From our “What Were They Thinking?” Department: The famed Preakness horse race, the second jewel in the Triple Crown, seems to think the only way to attract a hip, younger “partying” crowd is to promote the event using a centaur named Kegasus, a nipple-pierced, boozing centaur. No, really. This was the best plan they could come up with to promote something called “Infield Fest.” So, instead of making horse racing…


UPDATE: We Got Our Butts Kicked in Friday’s BadJocks FreeRoll at DraftStreet.com

April 1, 2011

UPDATE: We know most of you are shocked to learn that we didn’t do so well in DraftStreet.com’s freeroll last Friday. It was a one day, basketball fantasy league, and we finished 8th . . . our of 8 teams. But, it was still crazy fun and we appreciate the guys at DraftStreet including us in this special promotion. You can still get a special bonus by entering the keyword…


Painful Sports Video: Bill Walton Dressed as Visgoth, Debating Goat About NCAA Tournament

Bill Walton dressed as a visigoth, debates goat
April 1, 2011

As if Bill Walton wasn’t goofy looking enough already . . . the folks at the new Visigoth Sports Network had to go and put him in a horned helmet and an animal skin suit. We can only imagine what that must have smelt like after a day of shooting in the bright sun. On the plus side, he does lose a debate with a goat, which is actually not…