Drunk Stripper Accused of Selling Ecstasy at Memorial Golf Tournament

Amythyst Brown mug shotIt’s still early in the year, but this very well could be our “Bad Jock of the Year” story for 2011. Just listen to this: The nice folks in Corbin, Kentucky, like many communities this time of year, were having a charity golf scramble to raise money for a good cause. In this case, it was the Joey Taylor Memorial Golf Scramble, named after local avid golfer Joey Taylor, with the proceeds going to help fund the budding career of a young local golfer. All good there. Sounds like everyone was having a good time at the tournament . . . maybe too good a time.

It seems the Taylor family wasn’t pleased with some of the “obscene” behavior going on at the scramble being held in their loved one’s named and threatened to pull their name off the event. This apparently upset the scramble’s organizer, one Danny Davenport, who apparently made significant enough threats against the family that the cops had to be called . . . to a charity golf event.  Officers promptly arrived at the Williamsburg Country Club and Golf Course and stopped all the vehicles leaving the event.

Now, enter “exotic dancers” Amythyst Brown, 20, and Lacresia Moberly, 25, who–when stopped by police–claimed they had been hired by the previously mentioned Danny Davenport to sell alcohol and food. Sure. (He probably had no idea they were strippers when he hired them.) Because Brown had jumped out of her car at the entrance where police were stopping vehicles, officers quickly determined from her breath that she likely was a prime candidate for a DUI. So, they searched her car and found a small amount of weed and a little blue pill. Later Brown admitted to officers that the pill was the party drug Ecstasy and she had been selling them for $20 a pop at the scramble to make a little side money because “times were rough and she had to support her 5-year-old.” Oh, and she also just found out that she’s pregnant AGAIN. Moberly, a passenger in Brown’s car, was also apparently extremely drunk and arrested on alcohol intoxication charges.

If the Taylor family had any doubts about pulling their name from the event, the arrest of  two drunk strippers, one selling Ecstasy to the players could very well seal the deal.

Now THAT’S a bad jock story. Video from WKYT below.