Anus Touching Hazing Leads to Arrest

Junior varsity players get no respect & they probably hate the bus ride on away games because that seems to be when all the newsworthy debauchery happens.  Take for instance this story of a hazing incident which lead to the arrest of 6 people, generic cialis troche including 2 adults.  JV players had their faces shoved into other people’s butts but it does not stop there.  The allegations reveal that these buttocks must have been bare because the poor baseball players had to touch genitals & anuses.

Cottonwood High School:  Where one must touch another’s anus in order to be accepted!  Male bonding at it’s finest, cialis sales check folks.

The DA makes this curious statement, “This went far beyond making someone wear a sheet to school”.  Are we talking a toga?  Something with a pointy white hood?  What kind of sheet-wearing does he consider to be a simple hazing ritual exactly?

The Dothan Eagle has the juicy (stinky?) details:

The alleged hazing incident happened on a bus trip back from a baseball game in Geneva County. Geneva County District Attorney Kirke Adams said the students are accused of pushing members of the junior varsity baseball team’s faces into their buttocks as part of an “initiation.” Some of the students are also alleged to have touched the victims with their genitals and anuses.

The students were expelled from the Houston County Schools and required to attend alternative school 45 days.