UK Soccer Mascot Sets Up Fake Tank on Field, “Shoots” Opposing Fans

Sammy the TammyWe just love the creativity of the British soccer mascots. A few years back, one dress like a ram took an opposing team’s flag and used it as mock toilet paper. Others are known for doing equally vile things . . . sometimes to their own fans.

This time, we have a mascot for the town of Dunfermline–known as Sammy the Tammy–who decided to build a small cardboard tank, then drag it out onto the field during the match and point it at the 2500 visiting fans for the Raith Rovers, while the public address system put out the sounds of several cannon explosions. As you might guess, the Raith fans were not amused, filed a complaint and now the Dunfermline team owners are promising an investigation into the matter.

Source and image from New of the World. (click on link to see larger version of image)