NFL Players Getting Stabbed Left and Right by Loved Ones

National Football League logoWe didn’t really think much of it earlier this week when Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall was allegedly stabbed in the stomach by his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall. Yes, there was some silly story about him “falling on a vase” at first when cops showed up, but other than that, there wasn’t that much to the story, so we let it go.

But then today – BAM! A second NFL player is stabbed by his significant other. This time it’s former Detroit Lion and current Bronco Jason Hunter who is recovering from a stab wound to the left shoulder. The attacker this time was his 23-year-old girlfriend.

At this time, the NFL has issued guidelines for all its players asking them to remove all sharp objects and/or the women folk from their residences. At this current rate of stabbation, it’s estimated that every NFL starter would be injured by opening day and the League doesn’t have enough lawyers to handle the arrests AND contract negotiations.