“Father of the Year” Finalist Punches Baseball Coach When Son Cut From Playoff Roster

Dumbass Category LogoHere’s something we didn’t know: in Florida high school baseball, the coach has to trim the team’s roster to only 20 players during the playoffs. Meaning, of course, that some kids who have played hard for the team all season won’t be on the bus for a possible championship run. But rules are rules and the coaches try to follow them. Coaches like Miami Springs Senior High baseball coach Jason Moris who stands all of 5’3″ and 140 lbs (that will be important later, so take note.)  Moris had to cut four players on his team to get down to the 20 for the playoffs, and one of those cut was the son of Robert Rodriguez (who stands about 6′ tall and weighs 300 lbs).

You can see where this one is going from a mile away, can’t you?

So, after Moris parked his car at the school earlier this week, Rodriguez approached him and the two started talking. We’re sure it started off about the latest clashes in the Middle East and the decline of the dollar, but likely turned to the baseball roster shortly after that.  At some point, the discussion got heated. Then punches were thrown. Because of the bruises on Moris’ face, you’d think he’d be the one to call the cops, but apparently Mr. Rodriguez did, thinking police would side with him. But after seeing the size difference between the two men and the marks on the coach’s face, they arrested Rodriguez and reportedly charged him with battery.

Upon further investigation, it should be noted that the player in question, young Ian Rodriguez started the season off as a very promising pitcher for the squad and received plenty of playing time. That dwindled over the season as the coaches had more and more disciplinary problems with him. Surprise!