Women Work as Golf Caddies by Day, Prostitutes by Night

Danny Noonan Caddy Shack
You want me to do WHAT, Judge Smails?

We don’t remember seeing this at all in Caddyshack, do you? Or did they cut out that scene where Danny Noonan has sex with one of the club members after 18 holes of lugging his bag around. (That, in itself, just sounds wrong.) No, we’re pretty sure we’d remember something like that after having seen the movie about 100 times.

So it must be that the caddies (in this case female caddies) in Indonesia are the first ones to pull the “two-fer” offering both golf logistics services and sexual relaxation services in one convenient package.  And, of course, they seemed happy with the arrangement as did most of their clients, but for some reason the Indonesian authorities aren’t quite as enthusiastic about this advancement in “sports entertainment” as you might think.

It’s this kind of government intervention that’s killing entrepreneurship!

Maybe Danny can earn that caddy scholarship after all?

Details from Yahoo! Sports:

A group of female Indonesian golf caddies at a resort in Kulai, Malaysia, are doing more than just carrying golfers’ bags and giving golfing tips to players. They also provide sexual services.  The state Immigration Department found this out when they arrested 26 Indonesian female caddies.  Johor enforcement unit head Mohd Nakhafi Hasan said the department received a tip-off on the caddies who worked at the reputable golf resort.

“The women usually work as caddies at the resort during the day and then prostitute themselves to golfers during the night. All the female caddies were detained during the operation conducted at about 8am at the resort,” he said, adding that the women were aged between 21 and 46.