Painful Sports Video: Giant Lacrosse Player Gives Cheap Shot to Opponent

Lacrosse video: player cheap shot to head with stickFirst off: how is a guy this much bigger than everyone else playing lacrosse and not a professional wrestler? Second, do you really think it’s a good idea to give something that big a stick to beat other people with.  Okay, so the opposing player does have a helmet on, but he still gets knocked to the ground by Goliath in this video.

The tape stops shortly after the cheap shot, but we heard a rumor that other players then picked up folding chairs and started slamming each other in the back and over the head with them. The goalie may have jumped off the top rope and put a pile driver into another guy’s head for no reason.  There also might have been a “foreign object” tucked into one of the player’s shorts and used to open a small, but profusely bleeding, head wound on an opponent’s head. (Or we could just be confusing that with one of the Wrestlemania’s from the early 90’s.)

And you wonder why American teenagers love lacrosse so much?

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