Cheerleaders Stripped of National Title for Using Illegal Player – Cal State Long Beach

Long Beach State LogoLess than three weeks ago, best viagra generic the cheerleading squad for Cal State Long Beach performed at the National Cheerleaders Assn.’s competition in Daytona Beach, Fla., and won the title for its division. Congrats!

Then, of course, an adviser to the group watched a video of the event and noticed something strange. At least one member of the squad (maybe more) had actually graduated back in December. Uh, oh.

Of course, had this been an NCAA powerhouse football program, likely no one would have cared or the punishment would have been to sit out several games at the beginning of next season. But this is competitive cheerleading, dammit! You just can’t let that happen and expect to draw the kinds of ratings they do on ESPN.  What next? Is someone going to reveal that Brittany and Ashley’s “freak out” at Nationals last season was ‘roid rage and not PMS?

What is our world coming to?

As a result of the incident at CSLB, long time coach Eric Anderson has been fired and the championship belt (they get big belts like professional wrestlers, right?) forfeited. It now belongs to Stephen F. Austin State University. Unless, of course, they also cheated.

Below is a video from YouTube that is reportedly of CSLB at the April 8 competition.

Source: NBC Sports