HS Baseball Coach & Assistants Fired, 18 Players Suspended After Beer Incident at Hotel

It probably comes as no surprise to most of you that it’s probably NOT a good idea to give teenagers booze. Especially when you’re their coach and you’re at a hotel for an away baseball tournament in Arizona. Then again, illness it apparently DID seem like a good idea to at least one of the coaches at Burroughs High School (CA) and now the entire team (including three other coaches) are paying the price.

According to the district, Indians Coach J.R. Schwer and three assistants who were present at the mid-March tournament have been fired; 11 players who took part in the drinking suspended for five days, seven other players who didn’t drink but were there and didn’t report it were suspended for two days, and the remainder of the team’s season was canceled.

But other than that, no big deal.

“I do my best to hire the best coaches that I can, and we do everything to take care of the kids. For a coach to do what he did…” Schwer said, his voice trailing off. “I don’t think the kids have to suffer by Burbank having their season taken away from them. … I just feel terrible for the kids.”

Source – LA Times