Reds Pitcher Arrested for Shoplifting $59 Worth of Stuff, Makes $425K a Year

Some things just never make sense.  Like why they insist on making movies out of old TV shows that weren’t really that popular to begin with. And, this case, of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike “Five Finger Discount” Leake who was arrested for shoplifting shortly before a game on Monday.  Leake’s big haul? Diamonds? Jewelry? IPads?


Reds Mike Leake mug shotHe got caught cutting the tags off of six T-shirts at Macy’s with a value of less than $60. No, really. A guy who reportedly makes $425,000 a year and received a signing bonus of $2.27 million back in 2009.  Of course, he and the team have apologized and hope this will all just go away, but something is wrong down in Southern Ohio and we don’t think this is the last time Mr. Leake will be on the pages of BadJocks.

Details on this major heist from

According to the arrest report obtained by the AP, Leake removed the price tags from six American Rag T-shirts at a downtown Macy’s store and tried to leave without paying for them. Police told WCPO-TV that Leake was caught on security camera leaving the store. If found guilty of the charge, Leake faces a maximum of 180 days in jail.