New Zealand Youth Soccer Coach Accused of Sending Picture of His Junk to Player’s Mom

Dumbass Category LogoOn what planet does this ever really work? Heck, store it didn’t even work for arguably one of the greatest professional football players of all time, Brett Favre, why would you think it would work for you, Mr. New Zealand Youth Soccer Coach?

Here are the basics of the story: Steve Cain, 52, coached New Zealand’s under-17 World Cup boy’s soccer team. The mother of one of his players allegedly started flirting with him over the phone, sending suggestive and increasingly explicit emails. At one point, in what Cain now calls “a moment of madness” he drunkenly sent her a picture of his body that included his junk. Farved!

Things might have stayed all quiet except that Cain decided not to add the boy to the final squad (oops!) and in retaliation, his mother sent the naughty picture to Cain’s bosses.  In the end, Cain resigned just weeks before taking the team to an international tournament.

On the plus side, Cain is one of only two licensed professional soccer coaches in the entire country, so likely he’ll get another job at some point, away from angry moms, of course.

Source: Fox Sports

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