Ohio HS Swimming Champ Arrested on Gun, Drug Charges

Dumbass Category LogoLess than two months ago, Andrew Bartley, 18, of Firestone High School in Akron, Ohio was on top of the world, winning the Division I 100-yard breast stroke for the second straight year.  Word was that he was going to get a college scholarship to swim and from there, who knows?  Today, Andrew sits in an Ohio jail in what started as a complaint at Firestone that he was trying to intimidate or bully fellow students. The school’s “resource officer” questioned Bartley and found that he was carrying around with him a shell casing for a semi-automatic rifle. Not something most kids carry around at school, so the officer then asked the swimmer if he had any weapons in his car.

He did.

Along with an SKS 7.62-mm rifle, 10 rounds of ammunition, cops also found 1 gram of marijuana, a marijuana pipe, a pill crusher, as well as brass knuckles and a butterfly knife.  The last two items not typically used by hunters to go after small game, but you never know when you might get into a brawl with a couple of drunk deer in the woods.

Bartley was charged with conveyance of a deadly weapon into a school safety zone, possession of a deadly weapon, drug abuse of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. And he likely won’t be getting that scholarship now because he likely won’t be graduating from high school any time soon.

Do prisons have swim teams?

Source: Ohio.com