Man Faces a Retro-Active Felony After 9th Unauthorized Visit to the Girls Locker Room!

Mug shot of Locker Room Peeper Brian LeeNormally we, viagra sale search here at Bad Jocks and The Dumbass Daily, would give no recognition to some sick piece of crap that preys on kids. They are all dumbasses, but rarely worthy of recognition.

In the case of Brian Richard Lee, however, we will make an exception.

Why? Because this is the 9th… That’s right, the 9th time he has been arrested for lewd behavior in a girl’s locker room! That’s not all… Apparently, a local politician decided to propose a law that would allow a felony charge for repeat offenders of this nature…. As a matter of fact…. Not just “of this nature”, but with Lee specifically in mind. His locker room fantasies (those he was caught living out) date back all the way to 1992 at the same facility where his most recent arrest played out.

Most recently, he was caught in a locker room, naked, waiting for middle school girls track team to return from their practice. Thankfully, he was caught before he could see his plan through to fruition. After being chased down by the track coach (nice), Lee will likely face a felony charge because of a law that was created specifically for dirt bags like him… wait… let me rephrase… created specifically for this dirt bag.

I’ll be darned… The system works.

By : Stinkweed Pete

Source : The Desert News