Drunken Lady Rugby Player, 18, Arrested After Head Butting . . . the Ground? Kayleigh Callaway-Bawden

Dumbass Category LogoRugby players getting drunk and getting into trouble is nothing new. Lady rugby players getting drunk and busting up some store windows near a bar, now THAT’S new. Meet Kayleigh Callaway-Bawden, who plays for England on an under-20 level team, was reportedly at  a bar with a friend and had quite a bit to drink (according to one report, she had five large bottles of cider, along with a number of Jägar Bombs, a drink consisting of a shot of Jägermeister with Red Bull and cider) and she wanted to go home, but the friend did not. So, Kayleigh smashed a couple of glasses in the ladies room and got kicked out of the bar.

Once outside she didn’t calm down and reportedly smashed the windows of a nearby hair salon (at the prompting of some well-meaning fans), which got the cops involved. Kayleigh allegedly swore at the officers when they arrived and struggled with them after being cuffed and was reported, at one point, to be head butting the ground. You know, as in concrete, asphalt . . . something harder than one’s skull.  Not a good idea, even for a rugby player.

Not surprisingly, Callaway-Bawden was arrested and will have to pay some fines and restitution. And, likely, they are not happy with her on the rugby team either.  No mug shot, but we can imagine she got a nice forehead bruise to remind her of that evening.