Latest HS Coach Sex Scandal: Girls Basketball Coach in Lakewood, Colorado

UPDATE: Second Victim Comes ForwardThe Denver Channel is reporting a second alleged victim for Coach Wesley Specht, viagra usa viagra apparently at the same time as the first victim AND his live-in girlfriend. That’s one busy guy. Here’ s more on this update:

The second victim — a 15-year-old girl — said she had a sexual relationship with Specht in late 2010 and early 2011, nurse police said. That’s about roughly the same time frame as the other relationship, medical according to the arrest affidavit.

EARLIER: You know, some days it feels like it would be a whole lot easier to report each day on the high school coaches who AREN’T having sex with underage students. I mean, really now. We have been doing this site for more than 10 years now, reporting at least once a week (if not more often) about some guy or gal doing it with a student and it not only doesn’t seem to be getting any better, it seems to be getting WORSE, as in, more frequent.

Why is this happening? Are our kids growing up to fast? Does the media attention make it seem okay? Are teacher’s unions covering up for their members? Seems like a topic that the all powerful Oprah should address, but in 25 years–as far as I know–she really hasn’t touched the subject.

I don’t really have any specific suggestions on how to fix the problem, but there are days (unless a hot blond female teacher is involved) that we’re the only one talking about this. And it appears that there are THOUSANDS of incidents each year.

The latest example: Wesley Specht, 26, the girl’s basketball coach at Alameda High School in Lakewood, Colorado. He got caught when one school secretary made a snide comment to someone else about him and the alleged relationship with the underage girl and someone else overheard it. In some versions of the story we are reading, it sounds like the relationship was pretty open at the school and had been going on for month from late last year to just recently. Are all the adults asleep at America’s high schools these days, or are student/teacher or coach relationships just not high enough on the agenda?

Details on this one from The Denver Channel:

“It was another faculty member that finally decided what they were hearing was probably some type of an inappropriate relationship going on, and came forward,” said Lakewood police spokesman Steve Davis.  According to the arrest affidavit, a comment by the principal’s secretary led to the police getting involved. A conversation took place between the boys’ basketball coach and the athletic director’s administrative assistant. The talk was about how the boys’ coach could have held a basketball tournament the previous weekend because Specht’s fell through. The principal’s secretary remarked, “how she couldn’t believe Wesley was still here because he was involved in a relationship with (name redacted).” An administrative assistant told police that the secretary had seen the student texting with Specht. The assistant also said the secretary told her the student had confided in her that the two were dating and that they were open about it. The affidavit states that the secretary had not previously told an administrator.

The arrest affidavit revealed the student admitted to having sex with Specht at least nine times. She stated they had sex at his Arvada home, in his vehicle at a parking lot in Belmar Park and once at his parents’ Highlands Ranch home. “It makes no difference if it’s consensual, it is strictly illegal,” said Davis, the Lakewood police spokesman.