Con Man Able to Support Himself for Two Years Running Fake Charity Golf Tournaments

John Moyers mug shotThe greatest criminal in Texas history has finally been caught!   Okay, maybe the greatest fake golf tournament criminal in Texas history, but still, this guy was the best at what he did. . . even though it was really, really wrong.

Meet John Mark Moyers (mug shot, right) who has been traveling Arkansas and Texas for the past two years (yes, two years!) running fake golf tournaments and charity food drives. His basic scam: reserve a golf course for a tournament (for a good cause, naturally) then start collecting entry fees, prizes, gift cards and other donations from local businesses–all while living it up at a local hotel. Then, just before the tournament he would skip town and run the same scam somewhere else. The fact that he was able to support himself for two years is amazing and disgusting at the same time. What he did meant money that probably would have gone to a reputable charity did not, and folks who might otherwise be very open to an event like this now have a bitter taste in their mouths. Bad man!

Details from the Dallas Morning News:

John Mark Moyers, 50, was taken into custody March 24, accused of felony theft over accusations that he scammed local businesses out of thousands for a fake golf tournament in Weatherford. He remains held on the Parker County jail in lieu $7,500 bail.  Authorities believe Moyers perpetrated nearly one dozen similar scams in Texas and Arkansas over the last two years, raking in as much as $70,000, according to a news release outlining Moyers’ alleged misdeeds.

Police say they discovered the con job when a victim of a scam in Little Rock, told the Weatherford golf course about Moyers. In his Weatherford hotel room, authorities found receipt books, showing he’d collected more than $5,000 from the fake Weatherford tournament, authorities said.  Police say Moyers would tell the golf courses that he planned to reserve the course for a tournament. He’d then promote the event, but would not pay the deposit, police said.

As part of the ruse, he collected entry fees, donations, gift cards, door prizes and money from area businesses before skipping town, police said.  Moyers told investigators he used the ill-gotten profits to support himself for more than two years while living in hotels.