Meanwhile, Over at Webcam Hottie Privacy Fail Viral Video

Stripping webcam hottie privacy fail as curtain fallsIn what is turning out to be a surprisingly popular video, a hot blond appears to be doing her best little dance in her underwear (that’s as far as it goes) for a webcam, when the blanket over the window behind her falls down and to guys working outside get a better coffee break than either of them bargained for.

Yes, a lot of people are telling us it’s fake or staged, but either way, it’s still funny. Click here to watch it at our sister site, Also new at YGSTV: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s version of Star Wars, yet another parody of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video, and The Serenading Unicorn performs his version of Gangsta’s Paradise. No, really. Get all the latest videos here.