Asst. HS Football Coach Accused of Sex Girl During Field Trip to Germany

Mug shots of two teacher from Paramus Catholic High SchoolParents: make sure you choose the chaperones to your kid’s overseas trips wisely. Otherwise, viagra sale hospital the men you think are looking out for your little girls might turn out to be taking advantage of them instead.

Case in point: the resent overseas trip for students at Paramus Catholic High School (NJ) to Belgium and Germany with what sounds like an extra-fun stop in Bavaria. There, according to police, a teacher/assistant football coach (Michael Sumulikoski, mug shot right) AND a school administrator both engaged in sex acts with female students. The coach, of course, couldn’t be outdone by a mere desk jockey and allegedly had sex with two different young ladies on the trip. Not surprisingly, once these allegations surfaced, both men have been dismissed from the school and face multiple charges as a result.

Details from NBC New York:

Michael Sumulikoski, 27, of Elmwood Park and Artur Sopel, 31, of River Edge were chaperones on the high school exchange program trip to Belgium and Germany.  According to a release from Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli, “Sopel is accused of engaging in sexual activities with two separate female students during the trip and Sumulikoski is accused of engaging in sexual activities with one female student during the trip abroad.”

Sopel, the Vice President at Paramus Catholic, is also accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with a fourth female student in the Spring of last year.  She came forward to report his conduct after the allegations from the exchange trip were reported.  That ten day journey ended with their return to New Jersey on Sunday, February 27.