Father Tries to Scissor-Shank Another Parent at Youth Soccer Game

Parents are naturally protective of their children and this rings exceptionally true in Australia, where a fight broke out at an Under-11 soccer match.  Playing time–or the lack thereof–is believed to be the root of the problem between 2 fathers & a coach, who all took it to the level of a prison yard brawl when keys, scissors & a chair were used as weapons. (What, no one had a filed down toothbrush handle ready?)

Is having your son get more time on the field worth fighting over?  A better question would be, why did one of them have scissors in the first place?  Was he cutting coupons in the stands?  Or does he always carry a pair around in case of a shanking emergency?

A ground marshal helped break up the fight and described one the combatants afterward:  ”His hands were battered and bruised, he had cuts and abrasions, his shirt was torn, there were cuts on his face, neck and back.”

The Sydney Morning Herald has the details & remember, all this happened in front of kids 10 & under:

Parents called police, who took all three away and charged each with affray and common assault. Two were charged with carrying an offensive implement [a chair and scissors].  Children of both teams witnessed the altercation, including those whose parents were involved. The father of one of the Liverpool Olympic players said his 10-year-old son was ”frightened and upset by what had happened” and said there was a lot of swearing. He said the son of one of the men involved was begging his father ”please don’t” and trying to get him to stop.