At New Website,, Women Take Over Sports Anchor Desk

Lena and Jules from WhileTheMenWatch.comLike us, viagra canada cialis sale you might have had some other thoughts about the content at a site called (get your mind out of the gutter, seek Mike!) but after taking a look we can see that it’s a different kinds of sports website. One with women.

Okay, actually that part’s not new. What is new is that they are actually in charge (not just posing in cheerleading outfits or bathing suits) and actually seem to have something to say about sports other than, “Is that game STILL on?”  Here’s the email we received promoting the new site:

Hello BadJocks:

Since your blog has a fabulous irreverent tone, thought this would be a fun mention or tweet for your women fans!

With baseball season officially starting this weekend women everywhere are bracing for a long season with their men lost to baseball. comes to the rescue with a “sports talk show” just for women.  It’s being hailed as “Sex and The City Meets ESPN.”  WhileTheMenWatch hosts Lena and Jules take over the sports desk with game commentary that women actually want to hear.  The gals will help ladies through baseball’s opening day with female-friendly commentary of the Mets vs. Marlins on April 1st.  For more information go to http;//  All broadcasts also feature must-have his and hers beauty giveaways.

“Must-have his and hers beauty giveaways?”  Wow, I’m there . . . I mean, who cares about that kinda stuff. Anyway, the ladies in charge, Lena and Jules, seem to know what they’re talking about and they do look pretty good in short dresses and high heels, as the photo at right proves. Will they soon rival ESPN? You never know. Why not check them out and let us know what you think? BadJocks at for comments.