Alison Peck, Former Band Teacher Arrested for Sex With Boy, Going to Jail for Violating Probation

Teacher Alison PeckIt would seem simple enough to most of you, wouldn’t it?  You can either go to jail for a long time OR get probation and follow some simple rules (like staying off drugs and registering as a sex offended) to stay a free woman. How hard is that? Apparently for former band director Alison Peck, patient it was too much to handle, so a judge is sending her to jail five years–the original sentence–for a variety of probation violations.

According to various reports, Peck pretty much failed every aspect of her probation. She was supposed to regularly report in to authorities as a sex offender; she did not. She was supposed to let them know her employment status; she didn’t do that either. And she was supposed to successfully complete a sex offender treatment program over the course of several years; nope, no progress there.

Peck was originally sentenced back in 2009 for having an affair with a 16-year-old former student. Police allege that Peck and two of her friends had a pizza party at a motel room with the teen and that after the friends left, Peck and the boy had sex.

Okay, having a female band director is kind of stretching it for “bad jocks” but that mug shot is priceless, isn’t it? And from what we can tell, she makes that same “can we get this over with?” face every time she gets arrested (see more examples below). Maybe a stint in jail will change her attitude?

Alison Peck 2Here’s the latest on the story from KSDK:

Alison Peck was given a five-year prison sentence in November 2009 in Greene County Circuit Court. But the sentence was suspended, allowing her to avoid prison time if she successfully completed five years’ probation and a sexual offender treatment program.  On Friday, a judge reinstated the prison sentence.

The Springfield News-Leader reports Peck faces two criminal counts for failing to register as a sex offender and for multiple instances in which she failed to meet reporting requirements. Her probation officer also reported that she had two drug violations during that time.

Alison Peck 3