New Preakness Mascot is “Kegasus” a Drunken Half Man/Half Horse Centaur

Preakness spokesman KegasusFrom our “What Were They Thinking?” Department: The famed Preakness horse race, the second jewel in the Triple Crown, seems to think the only way to attract a hip, younger “partying” crowd is to promote the event using a centaur named Kegasus, a nipple-pierced, boozing centaur.

No, really. This was the best plan they could come up with to promote something called “Infield Fest.” So, instead of making horse racing more interesting (they completely ignored our suggestion of arming all the jockeys with tasers) they try to make it seem hip and cool to be drunk on the infield during the race . . . kind of like a shorter, less noisy Indy 500 or NASCAR event.

So far, about all Kegasus has attracted is calls from taxpayers for the State of Maryland to pull funding for the idiot promotion. Watch the video of Kegasus first, and then a news report about the controversy he’s causing in horse racing circles.