Painful Sports Video: Bill Walton Dressed as Visgoth, Debating Goat About NCAA Tournament

Bill Walton dressed as a visigoth,     debates goatAs if Bill Walton wasn’t goofy looking enough already . . . the folks at the new Visigoth Sports Network had to go and put him in a horned helmet and an animal skin suit. We can only imagine what that must have smelt like after a day of shooting in the bright sun.

On the plus side, he does lose a debate with a goat, which is actually not that surprising.

This might be one long commercial for the Capital One credit card, but it’s still better than most segments of SportsCenter these days, so we’ll take it.

Here’s more from the video description.

In this segment of Visigoth Sports Net’s coverage of the NCAA Basketball Championships, former NCAA Champions and pro-basketball greats, Greg Anthony and Bill Walton go Helmet-2-Helmet with their basketball knowledge and predictions for this years tournament. See who wins and who gets catapulted into the side of a castle!

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