UK Soccer Cheerleaders Accused of Distracting Players on Losing Team – The Crystals

Soccer cheerleaders must goWhat’s the best solution if you local soccer team isn’t bringing in the fans like it used to? Hire a bunch of scantily clad women as cheerleaders, buy viagra salve that’s what you do. Until, discount viagra cure of course, the team–in this case Crystal Palace in the UK–continues to lose, then some of the fans will blame these hotties for “distracting the players” as if grown men have never seen a woman dancing like . . . just a minute . . . we lost our train of thought there for a second. It has something to do with sports, we think, uh . . . was there a HS coach sex scandal involved here?

Oh, never mind, there’s a video of The Crystals dancing at halftime or period break or whatever they call it in soccer. Do they seem like a distraction to you?

First, some more on this breaking sports story from The Metro:

But with the team falling to just above the bottom three, fans say the cheerleaders – called The Crystals – are a ‘waste of time’ because they are distracting the team.  Online forum users have slagged them off for ‘looking silly’.

‘They are just pole dancers on grass and they should be stopped – they are not doing the team any favours,’ said one internet blogger.  Gareth Pollock, 24, said: ‘When they come out waving their pom-poms I just hang my head.’

He added: ‘They put everyone off the game – you see the players eyeing them up when they should be focusing on the game. The sooner they go the better.’ But The Crystals have hit back, saying the fans should ‘grow up’.  ‘The comments are quite nasty,’ said cheerleader Amie Latter, 23, who is a season ticket holder at Selhurst Park in south London and works in investment management.