State Championship Hockey Game Marred by Brawl, Broken Jaw – Video

Video of Texas high school hockey brawlWhere does the “sport” part of fighting in hockey end, and thuggish brawling (and arrests for assault) begin? The NHL has been dealing with a barrage of cheap shots and unnecessary fighting lately, and now it looks like that attitude has migrated down to even high school teams. The most recent example at the Texas State Championship game which ended with a nasty brawl and one player getting a broken jaw in an obvious cheap shot (watch the video).

Details from the Dallas Morning News, video below:

Local amateur hockey officials will meet to determine the punishment for players involved in a nasty brawl that marred the end of a state championship game and hospitalized one player with serious injuries.

The game was played in Farmers Branch on Sunday afternoon between the club teams representing Keller and Arlington Martin high schools. Keller won the Silver League state title 9-3.  But it was the chaos that erupted in the final seconds that made news. It was captured in at least two videos that are circulating on YouTube.

One video shows Martin players slamming a pair of Keller players hard into the corner boards from behind during a scrum for the puck. A referee has his arm up to call the penalty, but a fight ensues before he has a chance. Martin senior Jeff SoRelle, who had been in the penalty box when the fight started, is then seen skating full speed into view and launching himself into Keller’s Travis Hall.

As SoRelle skates slowly away, he is leveled by a blindside hit from Keller’s Braxton Mills. Mills had been off the ice, in the spectator area, because of a penalty but returned to the ice during the brawl. In one video, he appears to leave the ice while launching into SoRelle, apparently hitting him in the head.

SoRelle was sent sprawling to the ice as officials and others rushed in to break up the brawl.