HS Coach Sex Scandal Shocker: For Once, Neighbors Not Shocked

High School Coach Sex Scandal LogoUsually when a coach is arrested for inappropriate relations with a student, the community is “shocked” and has nothing but positive things to say about the alleged perpetrator.  That is not how they roll in Phoenix, where neighbors not only suspected the illegal hanky-panky but also LOVE talking to TV news cameras after the allegations surface.

The story goes that 21 year old Julian Titcomb was a volunteer basketball coach at Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic School where he met the alleged victim.  Then of course Facebook & texting come into play – as always in these stories.  The story gets interesting once the neighbors began blabbing to the news:

1st up is Denise Link who really should be honored as neighbor of the year.  Authorities say that Titcomb had sex with the girl in his car & at home, which prompted Link to say, “I’ve always wondered about that because they’re always in the garage late at night, doing whatever, I don’t know,” So she surmised something was up when a young girl & a grown man would be in the garage at odd hours (how Ms. Nosey knows this is anyone’s guess) … but never thought to do anything or tell anyone … except of course a news reporter after the arrest.

Another neighbor, who clearly dressed up in his best tank top for the interview, was not afraid to tell it like it is, “Guys are going to be guys and they’re going to do what they can to get what they want”. True dat, Joseph Jordan, true dat.

Finally, these words of wisdom were bestowed upon TV viewers from a mother who has a child in the school, “It can happen whether it’s public school, private school, Catholic school, it doesn’t matter”. But don’t you worry about Lovia Lechuga’s son, she does not allow him to use Facebook or a mobile phone – something she felt that the news should know.

What can be taken from all of these interviews?  If you live in Phoenix, do not count on your neighbors unless you need them to state the obvious (in hindsight) while trying to cash in on their 15 minutes of fame.

ABC 15 has the details & video