Former NFL Player Likes ‘Em Young… But Not Too Young

This is the tale of Kevin Garrett, viagra usa pilule not so much a “Bad Jock” as a jock who is only trying to make the most of what he has been given.

His storied career started when he was drafted in the fifth round (172nd overall) by the St. Louis Rams in 2003.

He moved to the Houston Texans, cialis canada viagra then the Carolina Panthers, then Canadian football, and now, apparently, coaching high school football in Grand Prairie, TX.

We here at BadJocks often revel in the ridiculous actions of notable sports figures, but in this case, I think I will side with Kevin.

The woman (student) he’s accused of “taking advantage of” was 18-years-of-age and, from the tone of the article, may not even have been an actual student of Coach Garrett’s.  I understand the abuse of power thing, but local authorities are considering a felony charge.  Even the school has only put him on leave with pay (AKA vacation).

There are a lot of scumbag, student- touching coaches that I would like to see rot in jail…  This is not one of them

Source : WFAA