BadJocks Exclusive: Win $100 in the Friday Fantasy Basketball Challenge – Free to Play

Draft your team now and see if you can win free money this Friday, April 1st!

Your favorite sports/crime website,, and the guys at, are teaming up to offer our readers a shot at $100 this Friday, April 1st. It’s 100% FREE to play.

Here’s How You Can Participate

Click this link and create your account, or sign in with your DraftStreet account if you already have one, and you’ll automatically be taken to the BadJocks Freeroll.

And Here’s How it Works

This works like a salary cap league, but the entire league is played out in a single night. So, rather than waiting months and months for your fantasy league to pay off, you can be a winner in a single night! Each roster consists of 2 Guards, 2 Forwards, 2 Centers and 2 Utils. The team with the most points at the end of the night’s games win. Simple, right?

The scoring is:

  • Points Scored: 1 pt
  • Rebounds: 1.25 pt
  • Assists: 1.5 pt
  • 3 Pointers Made: 1 pt
  • Steals: 2 pt
  • Blocks: 2 pt
  • Turnovers: -1 pt
  • Missed FG: -.5 pt
  • Missed FT: -.5 pt

Official League Information

  • League Name: BadJocks Freeroll
  • League Duration: Friday, April 1st – One night
  • Prize Pool: $100
  • Places Paid: 5
  • League Link: Click here to play
  • Free and Unlimited Entry

Do You Still Need More Information on How to Play?

Okay, we even have a video for you to watch, as if this whole thing wasn’t simple enough already:

Click here to participate in the Free RollDraft your team now and see if you can win free money this Friday, April 1st!