Swim Coach Accused of Having Sex in Office With Girl, 15, While Her Friend Waited Outside

Mug shot of Todd Robert SousaObviously, viagra usa troche an adult who knowingly has sex with someone who is underage and knows that they’ll get in trouble if anyone finds out is clearly not thinking properly. But what made this 36-year-old swimming coach think that taking a couple of teen-aged girls back to his office, discount cialis viagra getting them drunk and then locking one of them outside while having sex with the other would work? Surely the one who didn’t get the hook-up was going to rat out the coach, online which she did.

On the other hand, the coach did manage to allegedly sleep with this 15-year-old swimmer three times over a period of time, once in his car, once is some kind of storage closet, so maybe he thought he had a streak going. Who knows? But now, coach Todd Robert Sousa, 36, faces 13 counts of felony lewd acts on a child, three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Here’s more from the Daily Pilot:

Sousa was part owner and an instructor of Swim Ventures, a swim school in Orange County. Prosecutors claim that’s where Sousa met his victim, who he allegedly groomed until his relationship with her turned sexual between April and Feb. 18. He is accused of having sex with her in his office, an equipment closet and his car.

On Feb. 18, Sousa allegedly picked up the girl from the Irvine Spectrum with her friend and drove them back to his Swim Ventures office where he gave them alcohol, authorities claim. While the girl’s friend waited outside Sousa’s office, he had sex with her, according to prosecutors. Sousa was arrested after the girl’s friends told her parents and they called police.