Soccer Referees Under Attack at Home and Abroad – Painful Sports Video

Video of soccer referee punched in headAthletes these days have no respect for authority. Now we have not one but two different instances of soccer referees being attacked by players. Below is a video from another country and, while I can’t quite make out what the announcer is saying, capsule I believe it is something along the lines of “We have a bit of a disagreement down on the field and the players are unhappy with the referee’s last call.” And then they proceed to beat the crap out of him.

In an unrelated, but equally disturbing story, a soccer player in the San Francisco Bay Area decided he didn’t like a referee’s call so he kung fo kicked him in the face, knocking the poor guy out. No video of that, but you have seen something like it in the movies a million times so just picture it on a soccer field with a little guy in soccer shorts kicking a man in black with a whistle. There, no need for video. Cops were able to locate and arrest “Bruce Lee” because he left his ID at the soccer field as part of the registration to use the field.

Here are the details of this story from the San Jose Mercury News:

A referee at a soccer match at San Francisco’s Crocker Amazon Playground on Sunday was kicked in the face by a player who was angry about a foul called against him, police said.  The attack was reported at about 9:45 a.m. at the park, located at the corner of Geneva Avenue and Moscow Street.   Investigators learned that the referee had called a foul against a player, who was so upset at the call that he “performed a martial arts kick” to the referee’s face, police said.

The ref was knocked out for a few seconds, and the player fled before he could get back up. However, the player failed to pick up his ID card that he had left at the registration desk, and the card has now been booked into evidence, police said.