Sexting, Porn, and All Male HS Jock Slumber Parties

Coach David Kader mug shotThis story has all the usual requirements of a BadJocks story:  inappropriate sexting & people that are “shocked” by the allegations.  What makes this one super-extra-special, cialis canada purchase is that it involves a sleepover.  What’s so bad about that?

… wait for it … wait for it …

A sleepover between a 53 year old male coach, cialis usa discount David A. Kader, see & some of his high school varsity basketball players.  What the deuce do teenaged boys and their coach do on sleepovers?  Truth or dare?  Spin the bottle??  Prank phonecalls???

A suspicious father (perhaps the slumber parties tipped him off?) found sexts from Kagel on his son’s phone (why was that mess not deleted or reported immediately?) & from there it was also discovered that good ol’ porn was watched at the sleepovers … mystery solved!

The principal’s response was the expected, “I’m shocked with the situation” and “I think he’s had a good reputation.”  Note how he only “thinks” this …

The Herald Tribune has the details:

A boy told detectives that Kader has made sexual comments to him on several occasions and once offered $100 for oral sex while giving the player a ride to a varsity basketball game.  North Port Police also say the coach told the boy he wanted him to come over to sleep with him. The boy said the comments made him uncomfortable but that Kader never touched him.

In interviews with police, Kader denied ever asking the boy for oral sex and said he would never think of touching kids.

Another basketball player told police Kader made similar sexual comments to him.  Kader admitted to seeing some boys on the basketball team watching porn on his computer in his home, according to the report.