March Madness/Drunk Food Madness – Ranking All 68 Teams

There are any number of ways to rank teams participating in this year’s NCAA Men’s Championship Basketball Tournament. But how come no one ever thought to rank the teams by the most popular food purchased by drunk students at 2 am? It took the geniuses as to figure out not only the most popular drunk foods on all 68 campuses, but then they also went and ranked them.

One of the losers/winners is the MegaHo Burger at the University of Kentucky (pictured right.)  It’s a triple-decker burger with gravy, cheese, jalapenos, mushrooms, bacon, tomato, pickle and lettuce  . . .  and cheese-filled tater tots on the side. Sounds so bad it would be good. Anyway, there are 67 more just like this that will probably add to your caloric intake today just by reading about them.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

It’s that very special time of year when all of America’s college students put aside their textbooks to focus on a more pressing pursuit: who is best at putting a ball through a hoop. But at Endless Simmer we’re more interested in what they’re doing after the game. So instead of spending all week filling out some silly brackets, we decided to rank all 68 NCAA tournament teams by what really is the best part of college: the greasy, cheesy, meaty, ridiculously over-the-top local foods that you would ever only consider eating if you were in college, celebrating a win, and…well, drunk as hell.