Vikings Chris Cook’s Latest Talk About His Arrest and His Gun

handgunI guess it’s not sex, viagra generic health drugs, buy cialis cure and rock n’ roll anymore. it’s sex, drugs, guns, and whatever profession you make a lot of dough in. Music, acting, politics, stocks, the NFL, it doesn’t matter. Chris Cook happens to be the latest in the succession of arrests in the NFL. At least his was during a lockout, so he cannot be punished yet.

Chris Cook was arrested Saturday for brandishing a handgun during a fight in Lynchburg, Virginia. Cook denies pulling out a gun during a fight, but does admit that he was in an argument.

According to Cook, he was riding his bike when his neighbor started screaming at him about calling the police on his brother. Cook denies calling the police on this guy’s brother, but returned in kind because, ” You’re not going to scream at me like I’m your child,” he said, “so I screamed back at him.”

Cook did say he had recently received a license to carry a concealed weapon. He did not say whether or not he had the gun on him, but denied pulling a gun on the man. He said it was not even a fisticuffs fight, it was just an argument, and the neighbor went to police and told them Cook pointed a gun at him.

There are Three questions in this article I would like to have answered. Why would Chris Cook’s neighbor claim Cook called the police on his brother if he didn’t? If he did, that is a good question, too. Third, why would his neighbor go to police to say he got a gun pulled on him? That is a pretty big risk, but people have done worse than lie to police to get money out of a famous NFL player.

As usual, the police, the Vikings, and the NFL would not talk, and there is obviously more to this story than meets the eye. We should be used to that by now, and time will tell if any foul and shadowy details are brought to light, or if it just ends as it is. I put my money on the former.

Cook talked with the Star Tribune:

“I wasn’t in any fight or nothing,” he said. “It was just an argument.”

According to his version of events, Cook said he was riding his bike near his home when a man who lives two houses down started screaming at him. “You’re not going to scream at me like I’m your child so I screamed back at him,” Cook said. “He thought that I called the police on his brother for some reason. Why would I do that?”

Cook said he just received his license to carry a concealed weapon, but he denied pulling a gun on the man during their confrontation.  “He went downtown and told [the police] I pointed the gun at him,” Cook said.  Cook said he accompanied police to the station to fill out paperwork but that he did not spend time in jail. A worker at the Lynchburg jail said he was not authorized to disclose whether Cook was booked this weekend.

“It’s just crazy,” Cook said. “I just have to deal with it the best way I can. I wish it didn’t happen. I wish I would have never got in an argument, but that’s what happened.”