HS Football Coach/Father – Son Duo Arrested in Drug Investigation

Dumbass Category LogoPlaying catch with your son is a common pass time for many fathers.  For a man that is not only a high school football coach but also the athletic director, this could even be mandatory but sometimes bonding requires more than just a pig skin.  So true for David Coates who spent quality time with his son, Joseph, peddling marijuana, LSD & ecstasy.

After a 10 month investigation into the pharmacy based upon family values, the dynamic duo were arrested along with 2 others.  As usual, everyone in the community is “in shock” about the allegations but sometimes life lessons have to be taught off the field …

The Clarion Ledger has the details:

Coates, 55, is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell or distribute. He was one of four people arrested Thursday night as the result of a 10-month investigation of ecstasy, LSD and marijuana distribution.

Also charged are Coates’ son, 21-year-old Joseph Patrick Coates of Oxford; Mary Jane Miranda, 23, also of Oxford; and Marc Frank Davis, 54, of Greeley, Colo. The younger Coates and Miranda are students at the University of Mississippi.

The elder Coates, who was named the Metro Coach of the Year in 2003 by The Clarion-Ledger, has coached the Cougars for 19 seasons, compiling a record of 123 victories and 96 losses.