At PPV Event, Pro Wrestler Jeff Hardy Appears Under the Influence, Loses to Sting in 88 Second

TNA PPV wrestling match lasts 88 secondsThink the people who paid to watch this thought they got their money’s worth?  We didn’t see this TNA Wrestling event, so we’ll let the Baltimore Sun fill you in on the details in this heavyweight championship bout between Sting and Jeff Hardy that lasted under a minute and a half, most of the time spent on Hardy attempting to throw his shirt to the crowd as a souvenir. Otherwise, this thing would have been over in 30 seconds. Even the announcers seem put off by what happened.

Read more below before you watch the video:

Citing TNA sources, reported that the match was so short because of concern backstage that Hardy was in no condition to perform. Sound familiar?

A similar situation involving Hardy occurred in December at the Final Resolution pay-per-view when he was champion. According to online reports, there was concern over Hardy’s condition that night as well, so much so that TNA officials were considering stripping him of the title and sending him home.

Ultimately, Hardy’s scheduled match against Matt Morgan took place, with Hardy retaining the title as planned. Hardy reportedly convinced TNA officials that his condition was due to exhaustion as a result of his hectic travel schedule.

If the reports about Hardy’s condition at Victory Road are accurate, then TNA needs to take some kind of action immediately. A pay-per-view main event that lasts 88 seconds is inexcusable (couldn’t TNA have come up with a Plan B and given fans a legitimate match?), but the truth is that there are worse things that can happen if problems are ignored.

Hardy, who still has pending drug trafficking charges from 2009, was suspended twice for no-showing events during his first stint with TNA in 2005. He also had two Wellness Policy violations while in WWE.