Drunk Miguel Cabrera Tells Bar Patrons: “I Will Kill All of You, I Will Blow This Place Up!”

Police car video of Tigers Miguel CabreraWe’re starting to get a clearer picture of the evening that the Tiger’s Miguel Cabrera had back in Fbruary when he was arrested by Florida police for DUI . . . and it is not pretty.  And it is not just about the drinking: many a good man has had one two many, check gotten behind the wheel and then been pulled over by the cops. We can all almost understand that part. But walking into a bar after last call and threatening to kill everyone and blow the place up because they asked you to leave? Or being so belligerent with the cops that they come close to tasering you?

Not to mention pulling the “Do you know who I am?” card on officers.

No, to the casual observer, this seems like more than just a drinking problem for Mr. Cabrera. It’s been less than two years since his infamous incident before a critical game with the White Sox. Back in October of 2009, he partied with the Sox after the game Friday night and came home about 6 a.m. Saturday morning, the same day he was supposed to play in a critical game against his buddies from Chicago. Not surprisingly, Mrs. Cabrera was not happy with his drunkenness, they fought, she called the cops and he was arrested with a BAC of .26% (Making the Top Twenty of the BadJocks BAC Rankings). Eventually the cops decided not to press charges, but Cabrera then went 0-4 that night, stranding six runners in a game the Tigers lost 5-1. Things went downhill for Detroit after that. Did he ruin a promising season for the Tigers? Many Detroit fans I know still think so.

Here’s more on the latest arrest from The Bleacher Report (video from the back seat of the police car below):

Cabrera entered the Cowboy’s Bar-B-Q and Steak Company after the bar’s last call, and was asked to leave by the manager, Fletcher Nail. Cabrera reportedly ignored the requests and instead walked up to a table of strangers and began to talk with them. The manager repeated his request for Cabrera to leave the bar, at which point he patted a bag on his shoulder and gave the manager the following reply: “You don’t know me,” Cabrera said. “I will kill you. I know all of you and I will kill all of you and blow this place up.” No gun was found in Cabrera’s possession at the time of his arrest.

Before his arrest, the police report indicates that Cabrera ignored the officers’ requests for him to get off the road.  He was walking in circles, and lifting his hands up and down several times. One of the officers is quoted as saying that Cabrera’s behavior was so unruly, he was almost forced to use his taser on the ballplayer.

When the officers finally did subdue Cabrera, forcing him to his knees so they could handcuff him, Cabrera cursed at the officers telling them to shoot him.  “(Expletive) shoot me. Kill me,” Cabrera was reported as saying according to the smokinggun.com.

Cabrera had to be forced into the back of the police car by one of the officers who had to administer “knee spikes” to Cabrera to force cooperation. Cabrera then further cursed at the officers, according to the police report: “Do you know who I am?” he asked. “I’m Miguel Cabrera. I play for the Detroit Tigers. You don’t know my family.”