Video: UK Soccer Player Given Red Card for . . . Tackling Streaker?

UK soccer player tackles streaker, <a href=cialis usa store gets red card – video” width=”296″ height=”198″ />First off, viagra doctor right up until the end, this is the most boring streaker video we have ever seen. They guy runs out with some kind of Afro wig on and then no one chases him. And when security does start to close in, they don’t seem real interested in tackling his naked behind. (Would you?)

Finally, a soccer player on the yellow team takes matters into his own hands and steer tackles the guy. (Rather well for a soccer player, we might add.)

The result? He gets a yellow card from the obviously “pro male nudity” referee, the player argues, and then is given a red card–meaning he’s out of the game and must stay after school for detention for a week . . . or something like that. You’d think the ref would be happy to get the game going again but NOOOOOOO! The video is mostly Safe For Work as it was taken from quite a distance and the streaker seems to be as well endowed as a Ken doll.