HS Coach Arrested for Trying to Make Art With . . . Bodily Fluids?

High School Coach Sex Scandal LogoJunior high coaches tend to be tough and dirty whereas art teachers tend to be creative and eccentric …  two opposite ends of the spectrum, cialis buy pilule so what happens when you put them together?  You get Charles Reilly, art teacher & coach extraordinaire who tried to make some creatively dirty art that just happened to also be illegal.

So what lewdness did he come up with?  Reilly tried to convince boys to masturbate, which is already an odd topic of discussion but wait for it … he told them to bring the used tissues to him so that they could make an art project.  One can only imagine what kind of project Reilly had in mind that would require crusty old tissues but we patron of the arts will never find out as the perverted Picasso has been arrested.

NBC Philadelphia has the disgusting details:

Reilly would talk to the boys about masturbation, encourage the boys to masturbate and then tell him about it and in two cases Reilly asked the boys to bring him the tissues they used during masturbation, according to authorities.

In an online conversation with an undercover investigator posing as a boy, Reilly spoke about masturbating, how to undress, clean up and bring the tissues to school to make an art project, authorities say.

Reilly also has been charged with three counts of creation and distribution of child pornography after he tried to get a boy to take photos of himself, says the Prosecutor’s Office.