Today’s Life Lesson: Don’t Piss Off A Dolphin

Jacksonville University football players arrestedA Question:

So you’re a mediocre Atlantic Sun Conference football player getting a decent education on partial scholarship and some, generic viagra viagra insignificant guy disrespects you in the parking lot of some club.

What do you do?

You track him down, viagra sales fracture his nose, sinuses, and eye sockets… of course!

At least that’s what Jacksonville Dolphins, Bradley Burns and Jordan Dewhirst, would do.

Their victim, Daniel Meyer, had a slight altercation with Dewhirst during a random night out on the town.

Meyer quickly recognized the men he was arguing with as members of the local, collegiate football team,.

Mr. Meyer decided to flee the area when it became obvious that other players intended to get involved, alerted authorities to the fact that he was in danger, and was promptly hospitalized after a subsequent encounter with Burns and Dewhirst which happened right outside of his dormitory.

At least they taught that bitch to respect the Dolphins…

…Even if Meyer will graduate and they will not. Details now, from First Coast News:

When officers responded, they found Meyer with blood coming from his mouth and nose. At the hospital, Meyer learned that he had a broken nose and fractures around his eyes and sinuses.  Dr. Bryan Coker, the school’s dean later emailed the names of the young men involved in the attack to the police, and said that Dewhirst was the major aggressor in the situation.

Coker told police that Dewhirst confessed to going after Meyer and that Burns admitted to being the one who grabbed Meyer and held him while Dewhirst attacked him.  Campus security turned over surveillance video that showed Burns and Dewhirst going into the dorm after Meyer, and later, showed them leaving. The entry log revealed that Dewhirst had used his student ID card to get into the dorm just 20 seconds after Meyer went inside.

Alan Verlander, JU’s director of athletics, issued the following statement:

“We hold all of our student-athletes to high standards of conduct and we are disappointed that this incident occurred.  Both players have been suspended indefinitely from our football program as the investigation and judicial process occurs.”

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