Three Men Approach HS Cheerleaders Outside Competition Hall, Offer Them Money to Take Uniforms Off

Man who asked high school cheerleaders to take off uniforms for moneyWhy pay for porn when you can just walk up to real high school girls and ask them to take their clothes off for money? That might work in the movies (okay, cialis sale viagra not even in the movies) but in real life, nurse the young ladies involved are more likely to run and tell the cops, which is what they did in Delaware over the weekend. Police are now looking for the three amigos (one pictured at left) who are described as: Perp #1 – Bald with a black leather jacket and jeans;  Perp #2 – long black shoulder-length hair and a long beard, and Perp #3 – third was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and had curly brown hair. If you live in the area and see any of these guys, keep your women-folk away from them and call police.

Here’s the rest of the story from Delaware Online:

Campus police at the University of Delaware are asking the public’s help in identifying three men who harassed a group of cheerleaders Sunday at the Bob Carpenter Center. The three victims were participating in a cheerleading competition when they were approached outside of the building by three high school or college-aged males who offered them money to take their uniforms off, police said.

The cheerleaders were upset by the comments and ran away.  The suspects did not appear to have wristbands that would have admitted them to the competition, and the victims did not see them inside the facility, police said.