Nine Network’s Latest News on Nixon’s Nexus with Nude Photos of Two Nicks

Nixon No Longer AFL Agent After Teen Alleges Acquaintance

If you follow Australian sports, cialis canada store you know what this tongue-twisting headline is all about. If not, best cialis then you probably saw the ‘nude photos’ part, and thought you better investigate.

The seventeen year-old girl who released nude photos of Nick Riewoldt and Nick Dal Santo of the St. Kilda Australian Rules football team now claims she had sex with their agent, Ricky Nixon. Nixon is stepping down Monday as an AFL agent, and is also under investigation for his alleged relationship with the girl.

Unearthing this story was rather entertaining. The seventeen year-old girl has welcomed the attention. She said things like she ‘enjoyed sneaking around and being scandalous’, and she released the photos because she ‘felt like a skank’. Felt like a skank, huh? Well, I am sure that the naked photos, inappropriate sexual conduct, lying about getting pregnant, oh…did I mention that? Yea, she admitted to being untruthful about a St. Kilda player impregnating her. I am certain that these things, and everything she has done under the media microscope, will clear up any thoughts the public at large might have about her being a skank. I realize she is seventeen, but I don’t feel out of line. She knows what she is doing. I was seventeen once. I may have been a egotistical, selfish little uncouth hooligan, but we all knew right from wrong.

By the way, sorry about the headline. I am sure you were a little disappointed when you found out the nude photos were of guys. At least, 90% of you were, according to a recent poll by The Washington Times.

Read more at  Censored, but still Not Safe For Work, versions of the pics (if you really have to see them) can be found here.