Lingerie Football League Could Replace the NFL on Sundays, No Reports of Rioting (yet)

Lingerie Football League logoIf the NFL does not get it together, search we will literally be watching “boob tube” on Sunday afternoons!

The Lingerie Football League announced Wednesday that it may move to Sunday afternoons this fall if the NFL delays the start of it’s season.

Bob Golic, cialis former Cleveland Brown, buy cialis has just partnered with the LFL, and is touting them up quite a bit.


“The LFL has truly gained a lot of credibility both on and off-the-field over the past couple of seasons. In Ohio and, specifically Cleveland, we are football. Something like the LFL will generate a lot of excitement and, hopefully, a winning tradition. Expect the Cleveland Crush to pack out The Q on opening night,” Golic said.

For Millions of Americans, Sunday afternoon football is the one reason to work your ass off the rest of the week. Therefore,  I am absolutely positive that this is the one and only program that could make an announcement like this without a complete revolution in America. Half naked women playing real football is the only thread that is keeping society as we know it from breaking down right now. No worries, though. A thread of this type is like a billion regular threads, so I think we are safe. (Below is a video from 2010 promoting the second season of the LFL. Enjoy!)