Former Hall of Fame HS Footbal Coach, 64, Accused of Stalking Girl, 16

Coach Ronald Vitticore mug shotWe cover a lot of strange stuff here at BadJocks and sometimes throw out things even we can’t make sense of.  The arrest in Florida of a retired NY state high school football coach set us back for a moment. Here’s a guy who was elected to the state’s Hall of Fame for his coaching ability, view and now he ends up in Florida, allegedly stalking an underage girl. At least one report had him pulling up in his car as she waited at a school bus stop and asking her if she wanted to “make some extra money.”

After his arrest, this guy’s brilliant attorney got talking to the media and, while insisting his client is innocent, the best defense he could offer up was that if “the girl was really being stalked, why would she wait two months?” defense.

Where’s Matlock when you really need him?

Ronald Vitticore, the man accused of stalking a 16-year-old Fort Myers girl, has bonded out of jail. We found out he is a legend in upstate New York and a hall of fame football coach.  In the Lee County Sheriff’s Office report, it shows Vitticore admitted to them that he followed the girl.

But Vitticore’s lawyer said by phone that it was not a sworn statement and that Vitticore denies all the charges.  Before moving to Florida, Vitticore spent more than two decades teaching high school, coaching football and later becoming the athletic director of a high school near Rochester, New York.  He is also a hall of fame coach and has an outstanding record of 106 wins and only 8 losses.

Now, his attorney says he wants to win in court by defeating these allegations.  Vitticore is accused of stalking a 16-year-old Fort Myers girl. She says that for nearly two months, Vitticore would follow her to her bus stop, to work and home. Her mother filed a report with the sheriff’s office and Tuesday, just as a deputy began patrolling the area, Vitticore’s car was spotted.

The deputy questioned him and according to the investigation report, he admitted he would approach and offer money to women he thought were prostitutes or street girls.