Boy, 16, Caught by Security Cameras Using Cell Phone Camera to Record Gymnasts in Locker Room

Ah, best the wonders of technology. Years ago, if this punk had wanted pictures or video of underage girls changing clothes in the locker room, he would have needed a large box or bag of some sort to hid the rather bulky equipment needed to do so. But not today. Today all you need is a little bit of guts and a small digital camera, IPod or cell phone and you can start snapping away. That is, of course, until the girls changing in the high school’s locker room see you doing it. And don’t try to run from the same technology that got you there: the school has security cameras everywhere today (well, not inside the locker room, but outside) and it will be pretty easy to identify you sneaking into the coach’s office to take your shots.

The boy knew he was caught–the cops were waiting for him at his home–and says he deleted the pictures before the officers got to him, but do you think he took any time to really look at the pictures first?  Just wondering . . .

Here’s more on this peeper story from KSFY (side note – the kid was apparently arrested by author Mark Twain):

A 16-year-old Roosevelt High School student has been suspended after he was caught taking pictures of girls as they were changing in the school’s locker room.  The girls were from another school and were in Sioux Falls for a gymnastics event on Saturday. The Sioux Falls School District says they do not recall a case like this one. Several schools were at the Roosevelt for a gymnastics competition, but one team was caught off guard in their locker room.

“They happened to notice in the coach’s office someone holding up a recording device, either a camera or cell phone, and they seemed to be recording them while they were changing.” Said Officer Sam Clemens. The girls quickly covered up and alerted their coaches.  “We’re pleased the kids came forward and reported this so they could act quickly and law enforcement and school officials were able to resolve it quickly,” said Dr. Bill Smith director of instructional planning for the Sioux Falls School District.

Police say the use of the schools security cameras played a key role in identifying the 16-year-old Roosevelt Student who entered the locker room just moments before the girls.