HS Wrestler Imitates Pros: Hits Rival in Head With Chair After Losing Match

Dumbass Category LogoAny real sports fan knows that high school wrestling is nothing like the professional wrestling that you see on TV.

Unfortunately for 19 yo Harold Delancy, the lines between real-life sports & TV entertainment got blurred (blame reality TV) and he allegedly struck a 16yo opponent in the head with a chair.  Why did all this go down?  Because he lost a match and nothing says “good sportsmanship” like a temper tantrum, does it?

Star Tribune has the details:

Harold Delancy, 19, faces two counts of disorderly conduct after he allegedly struck a 16-year-old wrestler from Oregon in the head with a chair at the Clash wrestling tournament at the University Center Rochester Regional Sports Center.  The Post-Bulletin reported that Delancy, a heavyweight, lost a match, then began throwing and kicking chairs that were arranged next to the mat. The victim was seated next to the mat and allegedly was struck with the legs of a chair that Delancy was holding, suffering a concussion.