Painless Sports Video: Soccer Floppers Are Here!

Soccer video: player slaps own face with opponents handYes, it seems that all competitive athletes try to get an edge against their opponents, whether it’s the latest equipment, the newest training techniques, watching film looking for weakness and a few “game day” ploys that are often overlooked.

But when it comes to all out fakery, we think the winner hands down has to be professional soccer where the official logo is a player writhing on the ground holding an uninjured knee.  All in an attempt to get the opposing team’s top player red carded and thrown out of the game. The latest example? This game from who-knows-where where the player in red and white literally pulls up the opposing players arm and smacks himself in the face. It’s hard to tell what happened in real time, but the slow motion cameras catch what he actually did.

Gamesmanship or just another reason why Americans have not embraced soccer?