Carrie Underwood: Hockey’s Yoko Ono?

From the video - "Before He Cheats" Carrie Underwood,     hockey's Yoko Ono?That’s really harsh to say that, but in the world of professional hockey (which happens mostly north of the American border) there might actually be some truth to that. You see, the country singer married hockey player Mike Fisher who played for the Ottawa Senators. Carrie lives and does most of her country music singin’ down in Nashville where they just happen to have their own hockey team. And guess what? Underwood’s husband got traded to the Nashville Predators. How about that?  The fans in Ottawa were none too happy, seeing that it looked like Underwood was “breaking up the band” (so to speak) at a time when things seemed to be jelling for the Senators.

The comparison to Ono (who is blamed with breaking up the Beatles after she married John Lennon who actually was a fairly decent hockey player in his day) is unfair: Underwood’s music is much more mainstream than anything Yoko ever did.  She’s also taller, thinner and blonde. But other than that, yeah, looks like she Yoko-d the Senators.

At least one country station in Ottawa is not taking this lying down and they have decided to ban Underwood’s music from their playlist until . . . well, until we’ll see. But that will show her, won’t it?

Here’s more on the story from The Boot: (Below, for those who aren’t familiar with Underwood’s music, we have a video of her son “Before He Cheats” which seems oddly oppropriate in this situation.)

Everybody knows Canadians take their hockey very, very seriously, but one radio station in the Canadian capital of Ottawa may be getting just a little “Carrie-d” away with its fanaticism.

The New 105.3 KISS FM is upset that Carrie Underwood’s husband, former Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher, has just been traded to the Nashville Predators, and they have instituted a ban on playing any of Carrie’s music.

A mainstay on the Senators’ roster for ten years, Mike has been a tremendously popular player in Ottawa, and the announcement of his departure has been met with wild objection from the city. Looking for a scapegoat, Carrie is being charged with the ridiculous claim that she “lured” Mike away, despite the fact that the Senators are undergoing a rebuilding of their team and have also traded centerman Chris Kelly to the Boston Bruins. She’s even been referred to as hockey’s Yoko Ono!